About Albert Bridge


Constructed in 1873, the Albert Bridge is a shining example of Victorian architecture linking Chelsea to the north with Battersea to the south. The bridge is an amalgamation of three different design styles; a cable-stayed structure, a suspension bridge and a beam bridge having required the addition of two solid piers to its fragile state in the 1970s.

Given the moniker ‘The Trembling Lady’ due to its tendency to vibrate when crossed by large numbers of people, the bridge offers an intricate and aerial passage across the Thames.

By night, its sculptural silhouette is magically illuminated with over 4,000 bulbs, creating a glittering diamond-like lightshow on the glassy river water below.


The Albert Bridge’s suspended threads are conceptualised through graduating diamonds, rhythmically cascading in carat size from large to small to large again.

A diversity of diamond cuts including ovals, marquise, emerald and round diamonds are selected to resemble the variety of styles utilised in the bridge’s form.

The Albert Bridge’s mirrored profile on the rivertop is represented with a second symmetrical row of oval and marquise diamonds. The use of marquise and ovals alongside round diamonds are positioned to symbolise the elongation and contortion of the bridge’s reflection in the flowing water beneath.

The use of prong settings enhance the lightness of the jewellery’s design, linking the diamonds with an aerial weightlessness.

Each of the pieces is designed to move with a fluidity and cadence, suggestive of the trembling structure that they take their inspiration from.

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