About Battersea Light


Towering over the river below, Battersea Power Station has remained a symbol of power and light even after its decommissioning.

Constructed in two stages in the 1930s and 1950s, the imposing structure reflects its original build date with towers of Art Deco architecture emphasising the strength and energy of the building’s purpose.

A majestic concentration of Art Deco opulence both inside and out, the interior of the grand façade was constructed with luxurious materials throughout; polished parquet floors and marbles continue to bring a sense of wonder to the entire building.

A magisterial orchestration of engineers, architects and designers were required to complete the construction of the power station; a combination of talent that achieved an unexpected marriage of mechanical engineering and rich artistry.


Battersea Light echoes the Art Deco theatre of the Battersea Power Station through angular cuts. The position of emerald–cut diamonds placed both vertically and horizontally contribute further to the geometrical architecture of the design.

A single orderly drop of diamonds on the Battersea Light necklace reflect the dramatic chimney held aloft in the structure’s silhouette.

As the power station required a combined exceptional skillset for its build, so too does the Battersea Light set combine the extraordinary talent of diamond craftsmen and designers to achieve the exquisitely precise lines of the designs.

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