About Thames Path


The single natural wonder of our London by De Beers collection, the Thames Path commences far out of London in England’s Cotswolds and eventually journeys past the other four landmarks honoured in the collection.

Utilising the existing towpaths where able to, the path takes in exquisite views of open parks, sheltered forests, country landscapes and city skylines.

Following the river’s meandering course, the path mirrors the bends and flows of the river, fluidly intersecting the heart of the city that has grown around it.


Winding, fluid and abundant, the Thames Path set mimics the winding movement of the river and its neighbouring path with intersecting diamond lines.

Like water droplets, three pear-cut diamond drops emphasise the flowing stream of the design.

The graduation of a single row, to two and three rows of diamonds depict the multiple tributaries of the river source while the organic and sinuous movement of the round, marquise and pear-cut diamonds characterise the natural beauties that the river journeys past.

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